Corona & pregnancy

Corona & pregnancy

Being pregnant is of course not a regular occurrence in your life and during this period you want the best possible care for you and your baby. COVID 19 is currently affecting everyone's life, but during a time as special as a pregnancy we can imagine that you have extra questions. That is why we have assembled the most relevant and up to date information about COVID 19 on this page. You can also find all our COVID 19 relevant correspondence here.

General rules

COVID-19 requires measures to prevent further spread. In consultation with the government, our professional association and our special crisis team in the Utrecht region, a number of measures have been taken to provide responsible obstetric care.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, loss of smell/taste or fever (temp> 38 degrees) then please do not visit the practice. Call us in advance to reschedule the appointment and get tested!
  • If you have tested positive for Covid-19, always let us know.
  • You can come togheter with your partner to your appointment. Children are welcome again. 
  • Upon arrival, we ask you to sanitize your hands and wear a mouth covering (this applies to you AND your partner)
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5m, both in the consultation room and waiting room
  • We try to keep the waiting room from being too busy. If it is busier than normal, please wait outside or in your car.
  • We do the intake interview and other consultations fysical.
  • Some of the Centering Pregnancy classes are being held face to face, others take place online.
  • Have you been abroad to an orange zone country? Please take into consideration the urgent advice of 10 days quarantine upon coming home. Even if you don’t have any known COVID 19 symptoms. In that case we will reschedule your appointment. Visit for up to date travel advice and the corona virus.

Do not come to your appointment and contact us if:

  • you have known COVID-19 symptoms
  • you are waiting for test results
  • you live with someone who is experiencing mild symptoms, fever and/or shortness of breath.
  • you have had the corona virus and this has been confirmed by a test in the last 7 days
  • you are in quarantine because someone in your household has the virus
  • you are in quarantine because you have returned from a COVID-19 risk area
  • you have received a warning from the corona app

Childbirth & home visits

  • Midwifery care is emergency care and is always provided!
  • Births can take place at home or in hospital;
  • During home visits and the birth we (the midwife) only use mouth covering when we have to be close with you longer than 15 minutes (for example during the last stage of birth).
  • Different hospitals have different rules with allowing visitors and any additional companions present at the birth. We will provide up to date information about this during your appointments.
  • In addition to the midwife and any other maternity care provider, your (birth) partner may be present during the birth and a 3rd person is permitted again after consultation.

Maternity visits

  • The maternity nurse will visit you every day to care for you and your baby. She will perform checkups and consults with us if and when necessary. If you have any concerns, please ring us.
  • We will visit you ourselves at home. If you wish a phonecall visite instaid of a fysical check please ask.
  • We will wear a face covering during these visits.
  • The 6 weeks post natal check will be done fysical again, we can do this at the practice. 

COVID 19 documentation & pregnancy: