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Welcome to our practice! On this page you will find all important information about the early stages of your pregnancy. Read everything carefully and click on links to additional information and brochures. More specific pregnancy information on this site can be found under tab ‘timeline’. 


We have booked the following appointments for you:

  • Early ultrasound date 1
  • Dating ultrasound date 2
  • Intake interview date 3

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Early ultrasound around 8 weeks

Bring a USB-stick! We will upload your ultrasound images to it.

The first ultrasound can be performed around week 8 of the pregnancy. Around this time we can check the baby’s heartbeat and if the embryo has settled well. Without a medical indication the cost of this ultrasound is not covered by your health insurance and is payable at €40. Examples of medical indications are vaginal blood loss or a previous miscarriage. This ultrasound is usually performed internally.

Dating ultrasound around 10 weeks

This ultrasound between 10-12 weeks is covered by your health insurance. It is important to determine the date of conception as it calculates your due date. During this ultrasound we look at:

  • If the pregnancy is located inside the uterus;
  • If there is cardio activity from the baby;
  • Is it a single or multiple conception;
  • The measurements of the baby, which help determine the date of conception and therefore how far along you are;
  • If there are any abnormalities in your abdominal cavity.

We are usually successful in performing the ultrasound externally; it will help to have a full bladder. So please do not empty your bladder before having the ultrasound.

Before we perform the ultrasound we will ask if you wish to know about any abnormalities we may detect. If you would like an ultrasound in addition to the one we perform at our practice, we can refer you to our ultrasound centre Focus. This is also the place for ultrasounds by medical indication.

Intake interview

This will take approx. 45-60 min. During which we will carry out/discuss with you:

  • Your medical history and that of your partner (if applicable);
  • Any illnesses or birth defects in your family;
  • If you have given birth before, we will ask you about your experiences and if there were any problems;
  • The option of prenatal screening (see below)
  • We take your blood pressure;
  • We provide a form to get a blood test;
  • We discuss lifestyle tips and things to organise before you get pregnant;
  • Of course you will have the opportunity to ask questions
We ask you to bring the following to the intake interview:
  • Valid ID;
  • Consent form for sharing your medical data;
  • Consent form 13-week scan if you want this screening;
  • Any blood test or ultrasound results, if these have been performed by a doctor or gynaecologist;
  • If you have had a previous pregnancy not under OUR care, please send us your pregnancy records before your intake interview.

Signing the ‘consent form for sharing medical data' allows us to consult with a gynaecologist or other health care professionals if there is a medical need.

Prenatal screening

During the intake we discuss with you the option of prenatal screening. It is very important that you research these tests and if they are suitable for you. Click on the brochures for more information. Screening options are:

  • NIPT test
  • 13 Week ultrasound
  • Twenty weeks ultrasound


Before your intake, we request that you complete the Mind2care questionnaire. This questionnaire asks about any present or past mental health problems.

Through IVIDO you will receive the invite in a separate email. By selecting the ‘Register’ button, you will create your own account. After registering you will be taken directly to the homepage where you first see and accept an invitation for a treatment relationship, after which you can immediately fill in the questionnaire. The answers submitted help us provide the necessary and personalised care you need. Please note: the answers submitted may generate advice for additional care.

It is possible you do not agree with the advice given, we will always discuss the questionnaire results with you during the intake and only then decide if and how there is need for additional care.

Follow up checks

After the intake and dating ultrasound you will of course have your follow up checks. We will discuss your preferences and expectations. You have the option of joining the Centering Pregnancy program, a very succesful care method which allows more time and the sharing of information with other pregnant women who are in the same trimester as you. At this moment Centering Pregnancy is only possible if you can understand and follow the Dutch language.

Or you can choose to have the 1 to 1 checks with the midwife, we perform physical check ups and discuss relevant information with you.

Miscl. information

All information is available on our website, so fallow our pages under 'timeline' and don't miss anything. Have you read the brochure Pregnant! already on our page 0-5 weeks?

Once you are registered with us you will receive an invite to the Pregnancy Portal, via this portal you will get a weekly info mail, you can access your own records and your appointments are confirmed by email as well. There is als a partner mailing.

Like all obstetric care providers in the Netherlands, our practice works with the legally required national obstetric registration (Perined). We submit your personal data. Data involving treatment is used for scientific research, quality improvement and for legally required quality indicators. If you don’t agree, please indicate this during the intake interview. More about this topic in the brochure: Pregnant! 


Our website serves as your most important source of information throughout your pregnancy. If you read the information relevant to your trimester, under the page ‘timeline’ you will not miss anything.

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Team Westerkade: Paulien den Hartigh, Martine de Ridder, Judith van Reedt Dortland, Edwina Kierzek en Carine Greven.

Team Westerkade Verloskundige Utrecht